Downtown Visalians Board of Directors

Executive Board

Craig Van Horn
A&W Restaurants

Sam Sciacca
Chelsea Streets
Vice President

Mark Shelton
Citizens Bank

Kerry Hydash
Family Healthcare Network

Carol Farris
Discovery Shop
Member at Large

Board Members

Michelle Wiebe
Pacific Treasures

Mark Avedian
Avedian Properties

Nate Mustain
Browns Shoes

Mike Fistolera
Fistolera Construction

James Jessen
Tazzaria, Pizanos, PhD

Michael Kreps
SKW Architects

Janeen Robbins
Janeen’s Furniture Gallery

Duane Rodriguez
Downtown Rookies

Matt Doggett
Sequoia Breweing

Lupe Garcia
Suncrest Bank

Gloria Garcia

Provoke Salon

Downtown Visalia Foundation

Downtown Visalia Foundation was formed in 2009.  The Management Plan of the POA suggested a 501 (c) 3 organization be founded to facilitate fund raising and grant writing for the POA and Downtown Visalians to support various projects.  This foundation also operates independently with a 15-member board of directors made up of members from Downtown Visalians and the POA as well as community members committed to maintaining a quality downtown.  Board members of the foundation are not restricted to a specific geographic area and may be appointed by the sitting board members.

Property Owners Association

Downtown Visalia Property Owner’s Association known as POA, was formed by property owners in 1999 making Visalia one of the first cities to form a property owner’s association in the valley. Funded by a surcharge on the property and improved space,  their purpose is to  provide capital improvements along with security and maintenance over and above what the city provides to downtown. Board members must be a property owner or a managing partner. POA operates with a 15 member board elected by property owners and four appointed members within the same general area as Downtown Visalians. The POA contracts with Downtown Visalians to    provide administrative support and services to oversee the 24-hour bicycle patrol and the maintenance and graffiti removal. They also fund projects such as the traditional overhead Christmas Decorations, tree lighting and many public improvements not funded by the City of Visalia.

Property Owners Association Board of Directors

Executive Board

Mike Fistolera

Bill Kitchen
V. Chair

Tom Gaebe

Clare Whitlatch

Anil Chagan
Past Chair

Board of Directors

Myron Sheklian

Michael Kreps
Committee Chair

Steve Cusenza

Basil Perch

William Martin

Lloyd Mosley

Philip Bianco

Janeen Robbins

Marlene Sciacca

JR Shannon

Craig Van Horn
(Appointment DTV)

Julieta Moncada
(Appointment KDHCD)

Steve Nelsen

Amy Shuklian
(Appointment County)

Lt. Brent Abbott