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The Importance of Downtown Associations

Proactively Molding the future, Instead of reacting to it.

Property and business owners work together and determine the level of services and improvements needed for the area. Coordinated programs are established such as economic development, marketing and public area enhancements (parking management, maintenance, graffiti removal and security).  Members of a representative board of directors work with the city and the county in establishing partnerships as they carry out the goals. But probably the biggest strength an association has is in serving as a unifying voice for the downtown. By empowering property and business owners, needs are met in a more efficient manner and this gives the business district a stronger identity and greater competitiveness.

“BIDs (Business Improvement Districts) have often proven to be more effective than government in part because they can operate without bureaucracies, entrenched interests, electoral calculations or even ideology. They offer the virtues of the private sector without the corrupting influence of the profit motive.” – The New Yorker