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Economic Development in Downtown Visalia

Economic development is an integral part of the Downtown Visalia Alliance.  Since 1963, downtown has been dedicated to developing important partnerships between the public and private sectors to promote economic vitality. We use many different programs: Business incentives such as our PARKING IN-LIEU FEE WAIVER which recently saved a new business more than $75,000 is just one example.

Business RETENTION, RECRUITMENT and EXPANSION are all key to maintaining a healthy, productive and growing central business district. This year, the business and property owners have invested tens of thousands of dollars to analyze customers and potential markets available. We will go well beyond demographics and produce in depth psychographic profiles of shoppers of Downtown Visalia and possible candidates to increase our sales. These studies will also provide us with the tools to show gaps in our retail. When you can prove strong market potential for a “type” of business, it doesn’t take much convincing to get them to locate in Visalia.

We will settle for nothing but the cream of the crop. Use of all our resources are to encourage even more private and public investment in new development and adaptive reuse of real estate to create housing and live/work artist environments along with the provision of data and information about downtown. The economic development work that we do is both directly related to and supportive of master planning efforts and decisions on the capital improvements required.

Our Goals Are:

  • To create an environment conducive to economic investment
  • To expand Downtown’s economy through target marketing
  • Market downtown as a destination for retail customers and tourists
  • To match investors and business entrepreneurs with proven opportunities
  • To add value to our community

The Economic Development staff at DTV&A offer the following services:

  • Project assistance to the development community and other Downtown stakeholders
  • Assistance with finding available space, as well as available sites for new development opportunities
  • Provide demographic, business, economic and other information and data about Downtown.
  • Assist with marketing Downtown as a business location, residential option and shopping and entertainment destination