Downtown Visalia Assessment District – PBID

The Downtown Visalia Property-Based Business Improvement District (PBID) provides improvements to properties within these designated boundaries:

  • Mineral King to School
  • Conyer to Santa Fe

PBID services include:

  • 24-hour security
  • Economic development
  • Graffiti removal
  • Maintenance of public areas
  • Parking
  • Political advocacy regarding issues affecting business

24-Hour Security
Without bike patrols there will be a marked increase in nuisance crimes like panhandling, skateboarding and bicycling on sidewalks. Graffiti and shoplifting will also rise but the most devastating effect will be a loss of customers if even one public felony occurs. Community members abandon downtowns in which they do not feel safe and secure, whether it is real or perceived.

Economic Development

Since 1998, PBID has exemplified this community’s commitment to achievement and their contribution to the betterment of life that is possible through the collaborative efforts of its business and property owners, community leaders and government.

Graffiti Removal within 48 hours
The city removes graffiti from public property only, making this service essential to remove graffiti from private property. This service keeps unsightly graffiti from defacing our quaint downtown areas.

Downtown Security Report

A newer wand system has been installed in all parking structures. As officers walk through the structure the wand system is activated and tracks their movements during their shifts. There is a single 8 hour shift at 300 E. Acequia and 222 W. Acequia (parking structures). We change the shift hours as needed to be more proactive when there is increased activity at the Visalia Convention Center and Regal Movie Theatres.

Officer Jason Dewitt has been on duty as the Downtown Commercial Policing Officer. He is actively involved with the Downtown Security Officers and meets daily with the coordinator. He has begun to schedule training sessions with all the team.

The bike patrol officers carry a devise which logs their movements through the district as they patrol. This system was put into place for the safety of the team as well as to be sure our district was being properly patrolled. If there is an incident or disturbance a report can be generated by the program to pinpoint where the officer was at the time of the incident and we can adjust the frequency of checks in the reported areas.

The Operations Committee of PBID who oversees all maintenance and security programs, worked with Bike Patrol Security and Downtown Commercial Policing Officer Feierbach.

Officers not only keep the central business district safe, but a large part of their job is acting as downtown ambassadors. This means they must have an extensive knowledge of the restaurants, shopping and services found in the downtown area.  The alliance between OnSite and Visalia Police Department ensures a welcoming and safe environment for downtown.