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Erik’s Bio-

Erik Gonzalez has been an active aerosol artist for over fifteen years and has had his work profiled on both national and global media outlets that include newspapers, magazines, web media, television and radio interviews. Erik is also a member of various professional urban marketing collectives. As a professional graffiti artist, Erik has been successful in utilizing his work for alternative marketing to appeal to the younger generations.

In addition to recreational painting, Erik is also passionate about delivering positive and meaningful messages to young people through his work such as the importance of art and education, youth empowerment, risk behavior prevention, and more. Erik has been working in partnership with various organizations to deliver creative outreach and other programs.  He recruits students interested in contemporary media with an objective to identify graffiti/urban art as a contemporary art form and to expose his participants to the urban art career opportunities that exist in current advertising and design markets.

In January 2012, Erik founded the Urbanists Collective, an art group with a focus to promote the education and positive expansion of urban art within the community. This group has rapidly grown to include talents such as spray-can artists, photographers, tattoo artist, writers, poets, vocalists and screen printers. Erik and the Urbanists are successfully introducing youth to professionalism in urban art markets.

Natalie’s Bio-

Natalie Garoian was born and raised in the Central Valley. She has been drawing and painting since childhood. Her work is mostly abstract. She is inspired by the Outsider Art Movement. Her process is based on intuition and automatic drawings.