Branding & Marketing



The logo for Downtown Visalians (DTV) brings forth the vibrancy of downtown, and has become a recognizable brand for our organization. When dealing with the media and other associations, our logo clearly denotes who we are and what we stand for.



DTV Merchants may take advantage of our multifaceted website to advertise sales, highlight promotions, and engage in sponsorships. Opportunities to increase online exposure include:

  • Announcing specials on a month-to-month basis or through a yearlong program.
  • Participating in General Sponsorships by providing funds to sponsor an event or by funding other DTV promotions.
  • Becoming a Premier Sponsor by committing to a three-year sponsorship to promote various activities and programs that enhance Downtown Visalia.

We salute our Premier Sponsors for understanding the importance of a vibrant downtown, and for supporting downtown as the “Heart” of the City. Deserving of special recognition within the website, Premier Sponsors are featured in a dedicated area on our home page.

Gift Check Program

Our Gift Checks have generated more than $100 million in revenue directly to the businesses of downtown with no cost to merchants who accept them. Participating merchants are listed in a brochure as well as on our website, providing great exposure while driving purchasing dollars to individual merchants.

Badge Program

This partnership between DTV and Visit Visalia is designed to promote downtown merchants to all who attend conventions or large meetings at the convention center. Merchants participating in our Badge Program are highlighted in attendee’s packets, and are free to choose what they would like to offer to convention attendees. Participating merchants also receive special decals to post on their windows, and are featured in a designated area on our website.

Media Exposure

DTV strives to give our members every opportunity to expose their name and type of business through print, radio, television, and social media. We continually showcase downtown in a fun way by holding various events and contests that gain media exposure for our merchants. In the summer of 2019, we launched “Out N Bout” social media blasts to engage an interactive audience. These social media blasts take place every Wednesday.

Associate Memberships

Associate Members support the downtown area while deriving the same benefits as any member whose business is located within the district. The Associate Membership Program is available to retail and service professionals, hospitals, and medical centers wishing to support the mission of Downtown who can provide a current City of Visalia Business License.

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Customer Service

By sitting on numerous boards and actively protecting the interests of downtown Visalia’s merchants and property owners, Team DTV serves as eyes and ears for our members. We belong to multiple associations in order to add value our vibrant downtown and benefit our members and associate members.

In addition to providing all the branding and marketing opportunities listed above, Team DTV also hosts well-attended events that drive traffic downtown. Popular events include Hometown Heroes, Ag Fest, Find Tipper, and Holiday Open House, just to name a few. Team DTV produces more than 10 special events each year, and the Grand Daddy of them all is the Candy Cane Lane Parade.

DTV is a merchant-driven association. We provide advocacy for the silent voice trying to make a living. We give voice to our members when dealing with City, County and State government entities. We encourage our members to engage us. Let us be the source for answers and solutions.

To learn more about joining our programs, please contact DTV.