Beauty & Vibrancy

Downtown Visalians offers patrons diverse shopping, lively entertainment and fun dining experiences in the charming ambiance of historic Downtown Visalia.

Our downtown area is the “Heart” of the City. Creating and maintaining an inviting downtown can only be accomplished with the involvement of our downtown merchants and property owners. With the guidance of the Property Owners Association (POA), Downtown Visalians (DTV) works hard to ensure our downtown area remains safe, clean, and attractive with well-kept landscaping. The passion and pride that defines our community helps generate the beauty and vibrancy of our downtown.

Visit downtown to enjoy:

  • Lights in the trees
  • New landscaping
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Special events
  • Entertainment venues
  • Many types of services
  • Fine dining to casual eats
  • Varied stores for shopping
  • Programs for enhanced shopping

Safety & Maintenance

Downtown Improvements 

Downtown Visalia Property and Business Improvement District (PBID) provides improvements to properties within Mineral King to School and Conyer to Santa Fe.

Since 1998, PBID has contributed to the betterment of life in downtown Visalia through the collaborative efforts of its business and property owners, community leaders, and government. Our mutual commitment to the beauty and vibrancy of Downtown Visalia comes through loud and clear.

Through the efforts of DTV and POA, we replaced the less efficient watering system with drip irrigation, and re-landscaped the public areas. We regularly pressure wash problem areas and remove graffiti. The City removes graffiti from public property only, making our graffiti removal service essential to maintaining the beauty of private property within our district. This service responds within 48 hours to keep unsightly graffiti from defacing our quaint downtown areas.

PBID services provided:

  • 24-hour security / 7 days per week
  • Economic development & stimulus
  • Graffiti removal within 48 hours
  • Landscaping & irrigation
  • Parking & streetscape
  • Political advocacy
  • Wash & maintain public areas

The appearance and cleanliness of downtown is a high priority. The safety and security of downtown patrons ranks at the top of our priority list.

Downtown Security 

The security of the downtown area is of utmost importance to ensure the wellbeing of our patrons. Foot and bicycle patrols provided by OnSite Security cover the district to help reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of skateboarding and bicycle riding on the sidewalks, the visual effects of loitering and panhandling, and the occurrence of graffiti and litter in the area.

The bike patrol officers not only keep the central business district safe, but they also serve as ambassadors for downtown. The officers have garnered extensive knowledge of the restaurants, shopping and services found in the downtown area, and readily provide directions and helpful information to our patrons.

In addition, bike patrol officers carry a devise that logs their movements throughout the district. This system was put into place for the safety of the team, as well as to ensure proper patrolling of our district.

The Visalia Police Department Downtown Commercial Police Officer is actively involved in the Downtown area. This collaborative effort strengthens the overall effort of our team, while ensuring professionalism and excellence. The Downtown Commercial Police Officer adds another layer of protection by bringing an official voice to any concerns or problems that may arise.