Downtown Visalians Parking Passes

Available for purchase through the Downtown Visalians office. 6 month passes valid January-June and July-December, $240 per pass.

General Information and Terms of Use

  1. Purchasing and properly displaying a Downtown Visalia Parking Permit allows you to park in any designated public parking lots located in Downtown.
  2. The permit is for use in designated 3-hour public parking lots only (4, 9, 11, 12, 28, 29)
  3. Designated parking lots contain a sign at the entrance which states the following: Vehicles displaying a valid City of Visalia Parking Permit may exceed the three-hour time limit in this public parking lot. Ord. Code Sec. 10.16.145; Ord. No. 2000-10.
  4. Downtown parking permits are not valid for use on any streets, in non-designated downtown public lots, or any parking spaces designated for handicap, hotel, and city, senior or private uses.
  5. Downtown parking permits are not valid for use in any area of Visalia except in designated permit parking lots located Downtown.
  6. To properly display a parking permit:
    • The hang tag must be hooked over the rearview mirror support bracket whenever the vehicle is parking in any permit parking designated Downtown lot.
    • Current decals must be attached to both sides of the hang tag. A hang tag is issued with two identical permits. One permit is to be attached to each side of the hang tag.
  7. The permit displayed must contain the current permit date.
  8. Valid parking permits for downtown parking can only be purchased from Downtown Visalians.
  9. The cost of a downtown parking permit is $240 for 6 months.
  10. Permits purchased February through May and July through October will be sold at a prorated value.
  11. A lost or stolen permit should be reported immediately.
  12. Replacement permits will be issued at the current prorated value for the same validation period only.
  13. Parking permits are enforced by the Visalia Police Department. Any tickets received will be handled by them. Please take all complaints directly to the Police Department.

Click Here to Download Parking Permit Application

*Payment must be submitted to Downtown Visalians.

*Passes are picked up from the Downtown Visalians office during office hours.

*Purchasing a parking pass does not guarantee a spot in the parking lots. Passes are valid for parking longer than the 3 hour time limit in designated lots. See map or applications for list of parking lots.